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The Basics

The control panel functions as a central computer, receiving messages from a number of sensors that act as the eyes and ears of the system.  If the system is "armed" and a break-in occurs, your control panel informs our Central Monitoring Station via a built-in communicator.  


The station operator first calls the premises to see if you need assistance.  If you answer and it was a false alarm, you just give your password and no emergency personnel is dispatched.  End of story.  


However; if the operator does not get an answer, or if the person that answers the phone does not know your password, we alert the police, fire and/or ambulance to secure your home or business. 


We then notify the person you have specified for us to contact that there has been a problem.  We can also notify you at work, your cell phone or your pager.  

If you are at the location when the break-in occurs, our operators will stay on the line with you until the proper authorities arrive.